POV DISCUSSION: Come Back Mister Ep 2


Back again with a short recap and discussion for the second episode of Come Back Mister. Unlike the first episode, there was less heart but more laughs.

I miss Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak already! Who would have thought they would have met in their “second life” as above? Hah. But fret not, we don’t ever have to worry for sparks flying between the two because both are men.

I still enjoyed the second episode and I really have to say this, the drama has really witty dialogues. I’m impressed!


Kim Young Soo is excited over his new body and keeps checking himself out until an old couple caught him. Awkward…

vlcsnap-2016-02-26-22h02m16s139Too bad for Han Gi Tak though, but hey at least, he’s pretty.

So apparently, his restaurant/bar was taken over by someone else and Seung Jae is working as Yi Yeon’s manager – who is now under the entertainment company of the guy who kidnapped her in the past (I don’t know if that’s the right way to put across, but something like that).

Confusing? Okay, maybe a bit.

So in simple terms, Yi Yeon and Gi Tak used to date during their school days, but Suk Chul sort of cornered Yi Yeon somewhere because she was “Gi Tak’s girlfriend” and Gi Tak went to prison after that incident because he beat Suk Chul up to save Yi Yeon.


Anyway, I was really excited to see Gi Tak in a woman’s body and being all rough while talking or in actions itself. I was really convinced he still had his boxing skills – but poof, he doesn’t! Hahaha!

So Gi Tak’s cover is that he is Han Hong Nan, Gi Tak’s sister who lived in the states. It’s funny how Seung Jae and Yi Yeon questions her to check if she’s telling the truth and her response to their questions was totally unexpected.

When asked what did she study in the states, she said that they should throw the thinking that everyone goes to the states to study. When being questioned in English, she said they should throw the idea that everyone who went to the states can speak English. Hah. Witty.

Not convinced, Seung Jae tries to chase her out and she said there is one thing only she knows.

Her brother has a dragon tattoo. vlcsnap-2016-02-26-22h04m18s730“I must be your brother”

I totally laugh my heads off here, I mean – seriously? That’s a good one.

But of course, we see that Yi Yeon is slightly convinced, or rather interested in what Hong Nan has to say – she knows about the picture and there’s no reason for her to run barefooted to look for Yi Yeon.

Let’s shift the focus back to Young Soo. He visited the department store and at one point of time, he stood to block Sang Sik from walking, and they had a funny stare off until Ji Hoon interrupted and asked if there is anything he can help him with.

Young Soo said that he wanted to complain about Sang Sik who treated his customer poorly. Sang Sik was taken aback and I had a good laugh at how ridiculous Young Soo is acting.

vlcsnap-2016-02-26-22h05m05s822So his wife, Da Hye is now working in the department store and I love the moment when we heard Young Soo’s voiceover – on how he should have hugged her more in the past, and etc. Aw.

He finds out later that the son of the chairman looks like him and is coming back and who knows what Maya did to the real Hae Joon. We’ll find out in Episode 3, maybe?


I really find the dialogues witty and it adds to the whole ‘wow’ factor of the drama. Personally I think that there’s a lot of potential for this drama.

There’s a lot of things going on – but in just one episode, I fell in love with the characters Young Soo and Gi Tak. And in this episode, I loved the humor!

Rain is doing alright, I always thought he’s better at comedy than melo – but somehow, it does feel a little weird. I mean it has nothing to do with Rain being Rain – just that I’m afraid the drama gets pushed aside because Rain is in it.

How do I explain this… it’s like an idol is headlining a drama, so people might not be interested because the lead’s an idol, but they won’t know that the drama is really nice and might be skeptical about it.

But still, a good story will be passed on through word of mouth so hopefully Come Back Mister is a solid one.

Yeon Soo is doing great at being Gi Tak. I still find her a little awkward but who can blame her? I guess I just need to get used to it a little.

I’m wondering if the drama will show Yi Yeon and Hong Nan feelings in future. I mean Hong Nan is technically Gi Tak and I think it would be really interesting to see Hong Nan caring for Yi Yeon, more than what a stranger would do.

But let’s not put too much hope or else it might hurt in future.

I do wish that there are more Young Soo’s and Gi Tak’s voiceover in future episodes – because that’s what makes the drama really nice, warm and cosy to watch. We need them constantly so that we can keep rooting for Rain and Yeon Soo’s character.

If not, I’m afraid viewers and myself would get confused and drawn by the “new characters” -and Young Soo and Gi Tak will no longer exist. And that’s sad.

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Come Back Mister Ep 2

  1. Hello LeeJin, happy I found your blog.

    I think you don’t need to worry about his idol image, he’s a veteran. Plus, Rain has had one of the biggest hits of kdrama history with “Full House”, so don’t worry 🙂 Also, the fact that he starred in movies (like, I’m A Cyborg) means that he has credibility in Korea. Maybe the reason it may be pushed aside by the general public could be his terrible image lately, it is still pretty bad, Rain is not very popular these days…

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