POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of The Sun Episode 3 & 4


And what a long wait for Episode 3 & 4~! And we have to wait yet another week for the next 2 episodes 😥

Okay, I liked these two episodes 🙂 Glad that we had a little bit more of Dae Young and Myeong Joo – though I really wished we still have more. That’s okay, we still have episodes to go.

Anyway, back with a short discussion on the recent episodes~


His gaze is so intense. As I watched the episodes, I really have nothing but praises for Joong Ki. He fits the role so perfectly and carries the character so well. Maybe it’s because he just came out of military, so he really seemed like one.

The way he acts, the little gestures, the gaze – it just feels unique. Okay, or maybe I’m just blinded by him.

Okay – move on to story.

The moment Shi Jin took out his gun, disobeying the orders, I was wondering if he’s going to do that all the time, if Mo Yeon is involved. I was skeptical, because we’ve seen so many dramas and it’s such a common thing (of the male lead, protecting the girl, no matter what) and I really didn’t want it to happen here.

Because when I watched the first two episodes, Shi Jin came across as someone who holds great pride in being a soldier, and he takes it seriously. That same guy will never disobey orders just because he likes a girl.

So when he disobeyed the orders, I freaked out for a moment before rationalizing that he has his own reasons and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just because of a girl, and he said so himself too 🙂

I just hope that even in future episodes, Shi Jin remains rational and not waiver or put others’ lives and his country on the line.

Mo Yeon kind of pissed me of a little. When Shi Jin told her that one of the patient might have lead poisoning, she clearly wasn’t happy about it and she came across as arrogant, or rather too much pride.

But seriously, did he train as a doctor or something before? Or maybe because of their risky jobs, they learn medical skills or something? He poked the needle into his vein himself, without any hesitation and seems to know how to diagnose too? 

It might be just a one-off kind of situation, but what if in future episodes, there comes a situation where she refuses to listen and trust her own judgement which cost the life of another?

Okay – I probably am thinking too far ahead and imagining my own things. Hah.

But anyway, putting this aside, I really couldn’t understand why she would ask them to stop punishing Shi Jin and claims that he is not at fault.

I think most average adults know that military have their own set of rules, and even if they don’t know, I think it’s common sense that in military you must obey orders. Is it not?

I just felt irritated that a smart lady like her would actually think of doing such a meaningless, rash act which puts Shi Jin in an awkward position. But anyway, I’ll brush this off for now, because I like her character and hopefully, we won’t see such silly acts again so frequently in future episodes.

I liked how the characters of the drama were charming and with different, distinct personality, and the last thing I want to happen is for the characters to lose all sense of rationality and to turn into a hopeless character in love who would do anything for love, irregardless of the situation. *roll eyes* please. no.

Anyway, honestly, I can’t even focus on the plot so much because I spend way too much time focusing on Joong Ki alone. I mean – how can we not?! Look at him!

So technically, most of the time I don’t even know what I’m watching, I’m not even paying much attention to the plot. Joong Ki has all my attention. Okay – 90% of my attention. And the other 10% goes to the other characters.

vlcsnap-2016-03-05-00h40m35s463Speaking of which, I NEED MORE OF THIS.

How can we not have both of them 😦 I want to see them too!!! It’s sad though that her dad was the obstacle. I really didn’t want that to be the reason, because that is so cliche.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Dae Young and Myeong Joo gets reunited soon!!!

And to more Joong Ki. I mean Shi Jin. Oh yeah. Shi Jin with a gun is so charming.

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7 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of The Sun Episode 3 & 4

  1. I definitely agree that what makes them interesting is their rationality. I hope none of them will do meaningless things out of love either. Mo-Yeon is arrogant, that’s in her character. But I don’t think she’s arrogant bashing others to feel better about herself, she doesn’t feel superior or even attempts to. Her arrogance stems from all those disappointments and backstabbing in her career.

    I hardly ever “hate” female characters, because I think troublemakers are both hilarious and pitiful, whether male or female for that matter. But Myeong-Joo? I can’t freaking stomach her!!! Plus with “my” Jin Goo? I mean Dae-Young? She’s a pain in the butt, a true ish starter. I don’t think she deserves Dae-Young at all. UGH!!!

    1. Wow really? I like Myeong Joo though. She’s straight forward and the way she speaks is a little crude but that’s her character. A strong character befitting of someone in the army, I thought. For Mo Yeon, I think she’s prideful and there’s nothing wrong with it unless you get your pride in the way of something important. I don’t really have much issue with that because that’s likely part of the narrative itself and prehaps we’ll see character growth down the road 🙂

      1. Myeong-Joo is “known” for messing with couples apparently (doesn’t she even have a history with Mo-Yeon), but besides that, she acts too spoiled for my tastes.

      2. Oh and as for Mo-Yeon, “pride” is more appropriate I agree. But she’s a bit too proud, but since she’s been robbed so many times in her career I can see where she’s coming from. 🙂

  2. I too find myself not paying much attention to the plot, especially whenever Joong-ki is on the screen, even though the dialogues can be so cringeworthy and the events make little sense.

    I still think Shi-jin defies the order because they plan to put the blame on Mo-yeon should anything go wrong with the Arab leader; otherwise, i cannot see why he’s so insistent on saving him when he’s not even their leader. It’s odd for the guards to do nothing, and it’s even odder for Mo-yeon to be so confident when she hasn’t hold a scalpel in 8 months (and in turn, for Shi-jin to trust her). Everything could lead to an animosity between the countries, but i think it’s only there to introduce conflict between the two.

    That makes Dae-young the stauncher soldier, and his loveline more compelling to watch, although it’s frustrating to see Myeong-joo’s dad pulling rank to keep them apart. I hope Dae-young plans on moving up the ranks and proving his worthiness, because otherwise, their relationship is going nowhere.

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