POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of The Sun Ep 7 & 8

vlcsnap-2016-03-22-00h21m51s303Alrights, back with another discussion 🙂 Yeah I skipped 5 & 6 because no time TT_TT. Anyway we’re almost halfway through and I still can’t say for sure if I love the drama.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, a lot – but loving it is a different thing. I still don’t feel a special bond with the drama. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the drama lacks a certain special touch. It’s like it’s still short of that 1%.

I’ll talk more about it after discussing about the latest 2 episodes.


Okay so this week, we had an earthquake which brought all our leads to the same place. YES, FINALLY.

It was a good two episodes which shows the characters doing their jobs. I mean – how often do we get to see characters actually doing their job in dramas.

Anyway, Mo Yeon and Shi Jin finally work together – and I really find it amazing how the writer manages to smoothly let the characters interact during their course of work.

For example, the moment when Shi Jin asked Mo Yeon to make a choice on who to save. It was a tense moment – and I especially liked it when Mo Yeon asked for 10 minutes to decide and while the other soldier told her they are short on time, Shi Jin allowed her to think. The important part was when Shi Jin said – “She made that request as a doctor.”

Honestly, like I’ve mentioned before what I’m most afraid of is Shi Jin turning into a lovelorn puppy who disobey orders just for a girl he loves – but it’s amazing how the drama manages to make him listen to her request, without actually coming across as doing it out of love, but out of rational reasons.

I still need time for Mo Yeon to grow on me. I like her, I do – but initially I thought she rejected Shi Jin because he was a soldier and he kills, but then it somehow looked like she rejected him because he was doing a dangerous job with risks of himself getting killed.

vlcsnap-2016-03-22-00h23m15s780It’s really just me – I can’t fully relate to why would Mo Yeon reject Shi Jin when she clearly likes him too. I do understand if it is because he kills, or because he has a dangerous job – but I need something more from the story. More visual.

So far, the drama hasn’t really shown much on how Shi Jin’s job affected Mo Yeon in a negative way. In these two episodes, we see how Shi Jin risk his life but I need something more. Like for example, a situation where Shi Jin is forced to shoot at someone and how Mo Yeon accepts or reacts to this situation.

I need more convincing conflicting scenes which clearly shows Mo Yeon’s concerns on why she can’t easily accept Shi Jin. I need to feel the tension, the conflicting feelings between the two and the plot so far hasn’t been that helpful. It needs a little more of a push.

Let’s move on to Dae Young and Myeong Joo. I love how Dae Young reacted when the guy who tried to get his diamonds almost killed Shi Jin. He punched him good

– and the reaction of Shi Jin was priceless. Ugh hate that smile on him ❤

Am I the only one getting tired of this push-pull relationship. I love Myeong Joo – she’s like the female version of Shi Jin, confident and doesn’t hesitate to confess her love. Okay – maybe calling her female version of Shi Jin is a bit of a stretch but you get what I mean, right?

I understand Dae Young tries to keep his boundaries and keep his promise to her father, but I really wish he stops avoiding her. Maybe in the next episode, father finally accepts him and we can see them being lovey dovey. PLEASEEEE???

Anyway, putting love relationships aside,  I just love the bromance between Shi Jin and Dae Young. Can they win best couple? AHAHAHAHA. They’re like the best combo.

Onew did a great job portraying Lee Chi Hoon’s distress after running away from a patient to save himself. I wish he wouldn’t be too hard on himself because it’s probably the first time he encountered such a situation and its natural to be afraid.

Side track a little bit. When Shi Jin dropped the formalities, I literally screamed. It was so refreshing.

Okay that’s about it for the characters and relationships.

Now back about the 1%.

Is it just me or does the drama plot lack a certain direction? I find that the plot itself is not engaging enough as a viewer. At 8 episodes, and I still have no idea what direction the drama will be taking.

It’s not exactly a bad thing, because being predictable is usually boring but even so, story wise it has to be engaging enough for viewers to care what is actually happening in the drama.

Personally, the only reason why I’m so invested in the drama is because the characters were really written well (and all the polite/formal language is so sexy) – and they were portrayed amazingly. But take away the characters and just looking at the story on its own, it doesn’t feel so spectacular anymore.

There’s not much to the story so far and the only thing which makes this drama magic is the characters.

vlcsnap-2016-03-22-00h26m01s599Shi Jin is just one of the best characters I’ve ever come across. He’s just so perfect ❤ He’s like even beyond perfect!

And we have to wait till wednesday before we see him gloating over the fact that Mo Yeon’s phone confessed. HAH.

K that’s about it for today. Till next time ❤



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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of The Sun Ep 7 & 8

  1. After Signal i thought no drama would entertain me (btw you should watch it if you havent trust me its amazing) I binge watched all 8 episodes on the weekend and i think im addicted!!! I heard the good reviews and with the OUTSTANDING OST i fell in love ❤ My fav couple has to be Dae Young and Myeong Joo just everything about them but i can understand your 1% feeling watched it all in one go but i get how i dont really see a straight direction as well BUTT I STILL LOVE IT ❤ its gladd to comment after soo long

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