FIRST IMPRESSION/RECAP: Pied Piper Episode 1 & 2

vlcsnap-2016-03-23-11h42m43s670Yes I finally got around to watching Pied Piper!!! I wanted to watch it so bad but such an important show cannot be watched RAW because my knowledge of the language is limited. Thanks to the awesome subbers (as always) it is finally subbed. Oh yeah~

It was much more intense then I imagined it to be and the first two episodes blown me away. I didn’t realized the time passed by so fast!

Shin Ha Kyun is amazing as always!

I did a short recap for this and included my thoughts too 🙂


Just a brief summary – so basically he was a negotiator, but not exactly at the police force. We started off with him negotiating a hostage situation where 5 people were taken by terrorists.

They demanded 5 million from K Group – one million per person. However, K group chairman only gave Joo Sung Chan 1 million and to convince people that they did whatever they could.

The negotiation was tough, with the terrorist agitated with the measly amount prepared. We hear a gunshot – but did not see anyone being killed.

Joo Sung Chan met with the reporters and said that 4 survived and one died due to a disease and was buried there to prevent outbreak.

Reporter Yoon Hee Sung questioned Sung Chan if that was indeed the case and Sung Chan did not say anything more.

Sung Chan visits his girlfriend and while the girlfriend was trying to talk to him, Sung Chan avoids the topic by pretending that he received a phonecall.

He panics when people of the restaurant suddenly ran out and he soon realized that a hostage situation is happening in the restaurant.

One of the survivor of the previous hostage situation was inside the restaurant with a bomb vest and he was angry at Sung Chan.

We find out that his brother was killed at the previous hostage situation.

Oh Jung Hak, head of the negotiation team in the police force insist to take over the hostage situation from Sung Chan, saying that he shouldn’t be handling it as his girlfriend is in there and he might not be able to stay calm.

Yeo Myung Ha, who just joined the negotiation team to spend more time with Oh Jung Hak, was tasked to keep an eye on Sung Chan.

Mysteriously, Sung Chan receives a phone call who seems to be like the guy with the bomb. In exchanged for the hostage, he was told to confess in front of the media of what really happened in the first hostage.

We hear his confession – that with 1 million, his negotiation tactic before he went there was to save four lives. Which means that he knew one person would probably be sacrificed and he believed that was the only way possible.

In the hostage situation, Oh Jung Hak manages to calm the guy down and he was holding the guy’s hand which was holding the switch for the bomb.

However, we hear the voice in Sung Chan’s phone call, saying that he still didn’t know what he did wrong and before we knew it, the bomb went off.

I was a little taken aback because I really didn’t expect the bomb to went off and I thought it would be handled well.

Yeo Myung Ha lost Oh Jung Hak. We learn in episode 2 that she was an orphan and Oh Jung Hak raised her.

And Sung Chan loses his girlfriend.

A year passed by since that incident and Sung Chan stopped working for K group’s chairman and “disappeared”.

What he was doing was actually going to hostage situations and solving them before running off when the cops came.

Yeo Myung Ha and her team finds out and she asks him why is he going around pretending to be part of them.

Sung Chan says that the incident one year ago wasn’t a simple incident. Oh Jung Hak did not fail the negotiation and that the culprit had an accomplice. His phone call was not cut off even after the bomb went off – and his story was not published in any media.

A bank robbery occurred and Sung Chan contacts K group chairman to allow him to take control of the situation. He lets Myung Ha do the negotiation as she had spoken to the man – while he guides her along.

While building rapport with the suspect, Sung Chan gives the green light for the SWAT team to move and Myung Ha was surprised by the situation while Sung Chan holds her back.

As the suspect was brought to the station, we see the news being played and two officers were commenting about the news.

The suspect mentioned, “The flute. The one who played the flute.”


WOAH. Okay I didn’t mention it at the recap, but there was a guy who whistle while making phone calls.

And Sung Chan did asked one of the suspect if they had received a phone call from a man who whistle a song, a tune which he remembered.

So long story short – a mysterious man who whistle is creating hostage situations and he personally reports them while calling the call centre.

The twist here is that is it reporter Yoon Hee Sung?!

But he was the one filming Sung Chan’s confession! Unless he had pre-recorded his part for the phone conversation or had someone else to do it. Maybe he wanted to personally ‘attack’ Sung Chan and has a hidden grudge or something?

If not – why would he keep on questioning Sung Chan at the press conference in the first hostage situation – or why would he stay at the crime scene when all the reporters went out?

Or maybe, it might not even be referring to the reporter but one of the policeman who commented. We didn’t see their faces and only their back were shown – but as they speak, the suspect turned and said it was the one who played the flute so it could be anybody, the reporter or maybe even one of the policeman.

I loved the two episodes and how different Sung Chan and Oh Jung Hak was. Sung Chan thinks off hostage situations as deals while Oh Jung Hak sincerely wishes to persuade suspects.

The end result might be the same – but the approaches were different. And since Jung Hak is dead, Myung Ha will be the one who will have the same approach as Jung Hak.

While Sung Chan tries to talk suspect out of whatever their doing, he uses his skills and tactics – more of using brains. However Jung Hak/Myung Ha sincerely listens to the concerns of the suspect and talk them out using their heart and sincerity.

Which method is better – it is still too early to say because perhaps different hostage situations need different methods of convincing/negotiating?

I am curious though why Sung Chan avoids the topic of being sincere or letting out his thoughts known to others – maybe it was a past experience or something?

He loved his girlfriend and did prepared a ring but why was he hesitating? Why couldn’t he open his heart to others?

I am definitely excited for more episodes, whether it is the intense negotiating scenes, or the mysterious man behind these situations and even the different approaches to solving such situations – everything is interesting and fun 🙂

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