POV DISCUSSION: Pied Piper Episode 3

vlcsnap-2016-03-23-16h21m49s146I know this is pretty quick, considering I just posted the first impression hours ago, but yup, I’m back with a short discussion for episode 3.

No recaps for this – just a super short discussion.

So from where we left off in episode 2, the reporter is not the mysterious man, but it is in fact a policeman. I wished the reveal would come a little later and it wouldn’t have hurt if we were kept in the dark a little longer about the identity of the mysterious man.

Finding out that the man is actually a policeman is nothing new, in terms of crime dramas because the bad guys are always working for the cops.

Anyway, I’m still curious why is he creating all these situations? Is he a psycho? Or does he has a grudge?

It seems that with every episode, we are given little puzzles pieces for the big picture.

Myeong Ha had a flashback – which I assumed her parents died in a fire. Then towards the end, we find out that Sung Chan was working for K Group 13 years ago – and they had faced a similar situation where there are demonstrators protesting.

Sung Chan was not part of any negotiation back then, but he came out with the idea to stop the demonstrators by force by calculating that the losses would be less compared to delaying the construction.

What if 13 years ago, because of Sung Chan’s suggestion – Myeong Ha’s family died and maybe even the whistling guy was affected – thus the grudge now?

Maybe the reason why he even became a negotiator might be because of the outcome of his suggestion?

Okay – I need to watch the following episodes! Till then 🙂

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Pied Piper Episode 3

  1. For Myeong-Ha we have the answer in episode 4 but you guessed right. For the Pied Piper, I’m sure it’s a grudge, and his use of people is only a bait to get Sung-Chan. Why was the first guy related to a negotiation with Sung-Chan? Why was the third guy, the son of Sung-Chan’s “boss” in the police? As for the guy who tried to rob the bank, I have yet to understand why he was used, but out of the three troublemakers (watched until ep 4) two were people close to Sung-Chan in a way. 🙂

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