POV DISCUSSION: Pied Piper Ep 4 – 6

vlcsnap-2016-03-25-20h10m07s304Pied Piper continues to keep me entertained and it’s actually one of my favorites right now.

It might not exactly be the slickest crime/terror drama around, but it is engaging enough for me. Honestly, I felt that the drama started out much stronger compared to the following episodes and even though my passion kind of waver a little bit, it is still good to watch.

Episode 6 brought back the excitement because we’re back to the question again, who is the pied piper?


The excitement I felt for the drama dropped a little as I felt that current episodes focused more on the power battle.

Its confusing for me and basically I’m not really that interested about those with power and their corruptions.

I’m more interested in tense negotiation scenes and how Sung Chan and Myeong Ha could learn from each other through various situations. However the current situations are not really that interesting.

Putting this aside, well at least the end of episode 6 left me thinking again, is reporter Yoon Hee Sung related to pied piper, or is he the pied piper?

I don’t think he is, but I do think he might know who is pied piper or he might even be working with the pied piper.

Something about Seo Joon feels a little off.

Well, so basically so far – even though the excitement has worn off a little, the drama is still engaging enough for me to stick around, and I just adore Shin Ha Kyun… so. Yeah. ❤

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