POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of the Sun Ep 9 & 10

vlcsnap-2016-03-28-22h57m48s605I was thinking if it is really necessary to write up a post on the latest two episodes but figured out since I have the time, why not.

Episode 10 left us with a sudden twist – the possibility of Myeong Joo dying after being infected by M3 virus. I loved that last bit where Dae Young rushed in without hesitating and hugging Myeong Joo ❤

And it hurts even more when Myeong Joo realized why the sudden gesture. The dead silence.


As usual, there were some nice moments and some average moments. I liked how Shi Jin and Mo Yeon’s relationship has finally moved forward after weeks of the whole rejecting period.

All it took was just a phone confession. Okay, maybe a little bit of Myeong Joo’s wise words also? Okay – I don’t know. Maybe she realized its about time she be honest with her own feelings.

I still don’t understand why Myeong Joo’s dad doesn’t approve of Dae Young. Is it really just because of the rank? Really? I don’t know but it’s just so cliche that it puts me off a little.

And *roll eyes* why does he make Dae Young choose between being a soldier and choosing love. That’s so cruel and even more cliche. I understand if he didn’t want his daughter to date a soldier in general because it’s dangerous but since he doesn’t have an issue with Shi Jin, it’s unlikely that its because of the job scope.

vlcsnap-2016-03-28-22h57m55s755But anyway, I hope this ordeal will prove to her dad that Dae Young is more than worthy of Myeong Joo’s love and to be his son-in-law.

I’m also annoyed by the conflict between Lee Chi Hun and the patient. Honestly, I find the patient a little too agitated by the whole incident. I understand if he didn’t trust Chi Hun, or refuse treatment by him – but to purposely put Chi Hun down and say harsh things – seems a little irrational.

I mean – let’s say we’re in his shoes and just experienced a near death situation – and a doctor ran away but we managed to survive. I’ll be too busy being thankful I’m breathing and more depressed about the whole situation rather than hate on a doctor who ran away.

I thought his attitude would have change a little given that his superior who was kind to him died – or I thought he would have been sad for a little longer – but it’s kind of weird to see him fine after a while and even picking on Chi Hun on purpose.

I don’t know because I’m not in that situation – but I just get kind of annoyed when he picks on Chi Hun.

Let’s talk about the drama overall.

Honestly speaking, DOTS plot is really not my cup of tea. I find the story itself rather weak – the subplots messy and the whole drama confusing.

Putting the drama on a timeline – what happened so far was the VIP guest out of nowhere then the earthquake then Agus appearance and a now a disease.

Maybe it’s just me – but the subplots are not exactly related to one another and does not really contribute to the story as a whole so it gets really annoying at times for me. The subplots shows the characters development but not the story development as a whole.

The characters are perfect but it doesn’t help when the story plot itself is weak and messy. I would totally remember the characters down the road, but the story? Probably not.

Its hard putting this across in words. Let’s put an example – let’s say Signal or Come Back Mister, or D-Day.

Signal was a clearly focused drama which is about a walkie talkie which someone from the past and present communicate to change history. Come Back Mister is about two adults who returned to life to find closure in their lives. D-Day was about the aftermath of an earthquake.

Each of these dramas had a distinct clear direction of where they are heading, what is their story about and their story line was smooth throughout the episodes.

For me, I find that this is lacking in DOTS. It lacks that distinct clear direction, even after 10 episodes. It lacks the smooth flow of the storyline and I feel that it clearly does not have enough battling scenes 😦

I was expecting more battling scenes, or tense scenes but not much so far.

However after saying all this, yes I’m still watching it diligently because I love the characters. They were written perfectly and the casts were perfect and it’s just too good to pass.

I wonder if it wasn’t this set of casts acting, if I would still stick around. Hmmm…..probably not?


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4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of the Sun Ep 9 & 10

  1. I long stopped questioning this show’s logic. A lot of things don’t add up, and the conflicts feel really superficial and manufactured. Until now i don’t get why the special forces are needed there when Uruk is more of a mafia-zone than a warzone. Yeah, i wouldn’t keep watching until now either if it were a different cast…

    1. Yeah the fact that special forces are there just for earthquakes or mafia is just weirdddddd. Ahahahahahaha.

      1. Seriously, they do a lot more relief volunteering stuff than peacekeeping or whatever mission they carry. But now that they’re ordered to stay out of the mafia business, what’s left for them to do there? Speaking of which, the operation to save that douche manager goes against the order, hence the black outfits, doesn’t it?

        1. yeah probably bcoz they never asked for any permission for that operation but i think they did it out of curiosity how is he related to Agus rather than pure intention to save him, but still it doesn’t changes the fact that the special forces are there not doing any special stuff. It’s kind of disappointing. I wish it went a little bit more dark and more action 😦

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