Apr 9: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

1 – Pied Piper
2 – Jackpot
3 – Lawyer Jo
4 – Mrs Cop 2
5 – Marriage Contract
6 – Monster
7 – Vampire Detective
8 – Memory
9 – Come Back Mister
10 – Descendants of the Sun
11 – Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi
12 – Goodbye Mr Black

Jackpot, Lawyer Jo & Monster has aired and personally I love this new mon-tue line up compared to the wed-thu. Probably because wed-thu dramas are ending soon while mon-tue has just started and are getting interesting.

I love these new additions and if i have the time, I would totally do a short write up on them, but not today. Anyway Pied Piper still remains my overall favorite at the moment.

I foresee Jackpot overtaking that spot soon. We also have a new addition, Vampire Detective and I like that too. Of course, nothing beats Vampire Prosecutor (for me) and we need the 3rd season already, OCN.

Mrs Cop 2 is pretty decent. I can’t really stand Im Seulong and Son Dambi’s acting and find them rather awkward in the drama. They look like they’re trying too hard to portray the character. That’s a bummer for me because season 1 had great cast despite the story being similarly decent. Kim Bum is the surprise here, for me though. He’s being really charismatic as a villain.

That’s about it for now! Till next time 🙂


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