May 3rd: LeeJIN’s Updates

Hi guys,

I know I’ve not been active lately and there are hardly any posts so far. I’ve been wanting to write about a couple of series, but never got around doing it.

It seems that time is a major issue and as much as I love to write, there are times when I really want to – but cannot find the right mood to do so. Those who write would understand me, right?

I still haven’t manage to write up a final review post on DOTS or Come Back Mister. Neither have I wrote up reviews/discussions for some of my current favorite dramas so far, like Memory, Jackpot or Vampire Detective.

I also feel like dramas are taking too much of my time and I no longer find the same passion writing discussion posts. It may be due to a couple of issues, like not having enough rest, or watching too much drama series, or not having anything decent to watch so far.

That’s why on a personal note, I have decided to cut down on watching too much drama series. As I usually would try to watch most of the currently airing dramas, I shall stick to no more than 5 series at any one point of time and shall put newer dramas on a waitlist and start them only after good, solid reviews or after another drama has ended.

I think it’s important to find the right balance again so that I could continue enjoying what I love the most – which is writing and discussing about dramas 🙂

But if there are any hidden gems, please do leave me a message on what dramas I totally have to check out and I would put them on my waitlist for sure!

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