FINAL REVIEW: Descendants of The Sun

vlcsnap-2016-04-18-21h40m59s434And we’ve come to the end 🙂

I’ll definitely miss Yoo Shi Jin, but not to the extent that I’ll have drama withdrawals. Overall, it was a great drama, though personally I do not think that it is the best drama I’ve seen this year so far.

In fact, I actually have a lot of disappointments with DOTS, but there were probably more good than bad.


The ending should have stopped at the kiss scene on the shipwreck. That last wedding dinner before an emergency was actually very cringe-worthy to me. But that’s not a big deal. Just a preference.

First of all, we all know a lot of money was put into DOTS. However despite the big budget and all the hype over the drama, I honestly think that the story plot did not meet my expectations.

I find the plot weak and lack of substance. The story flow doesn’t flow as smoothly as I expected. It somehow seems like there was a lot going on – but none of it was shown to the fullest potential.

That’s why I feel that there is actually more left to be desired.

Whether its the Seo Dae Young and Myeong Ju loveline, or the Earthquake, or Argus.

I personally think that the Argus plot was such a waste. They should have made it more intense. I loved their last battle but I wish the moments between them before the battle was more developed. Like Argus should have been more evil, or something.

I wished there were more of Team Alpha scenes like the very first battle with North Korea, or the one Shi Jin and the English caption who fought it out to check each other’s skills, or the battle with Argus. Those scenes were the best parts for me and I really, really wished there were more of those scenes. I mean they even put on an army uniform, but those battling scenes were really not enough for me 😦

I’m sure they don’t just fight battles in the military, but if you’re going to put a title on them like “Special forces”, they should at least have more of those battles, right?

Plot wise, it was average to me. But I have to say that a lot of effort was put into the characters and it shows.

The characters were the winning point of the drama for me. The character Yoo Shi Jin is my favorite male lead in dramaland, thus far. He’s the perfect male lead. Everything about the character just shines through and it’s amazing.

vlcsnap-2016-04-18-21h37m27s757Song Joong Ki did a great job portraying the character and I could never imagine anyone else doing that role. I guess it make sense why so many people were crazy about the show. I bet 90% are hooked on it because of him.

My second favorite character was Myeong Ju. Loved her frankness and boldness 🙂

Seo Dae Young comes next, followed by Kang Mo Yeon.

So basically overall, it’s definitely worth watching! The plot might be average, but the characters are great and too good to miss 🙂

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