FINAL REVIEW: Come Back Mister

vlcsnap-2016-04-18-21h33m04s661And another good drama has ended 😦

I loved Come Back Mister and it’s really sad that it had to go against DOTS. I wonder if it would have fared better if it was put on a different time slot. But ratings don’t matter to us, personally – it’s just that I feel that it’s sad that the drama might have been overshadowed.

It was a great drama overall, funny yet manage to bring out the tears in me. I would have to admit though that midway I was getting a little bored but the last few episodes managed to reel me in again for the grand finale.

(Will contain ending spoilers)


First of all, I’ve got to say this. Rain and Oh Yeon Soo had amazing chemistry. Not the romantic chemistry but the BFF chemistry. It was really very addictive to see them together and I loved every single scene of them interacting.

It’s also one of the rare dramas where the male lead and female lead do not fall in love with each other.

The first few episodes were great. It showed us the backstory and there were tons of emotions involved. Towards the middle, things started to get a bit slow, especially Rain scenes with Lee Min Jung.

However, the pace picked up again towards the end and the finale left me in tears. Literally. I don’t really cry, but the ending was really amazing.

Though I knew that eventually Rain and Oh Yeon Soo would die, I never expected the ending to turn out the way it did.

I never expected Oh Yeon Soo to reveal herself at her very last moment, but she did and Han Gi Tak never existed.

I didn’t expect it, but it makes sense because if Han Gi Tak didn’t exist, a lot of unfortunate things wouldn’t have happen.

But it still makes me sad that Han Gi Tak disappeared into thin air 😦

Oh Yeon Soo was amazing, she did a brilliant job portraying Han Gi Tak and I totally love every single scene of hers.

Rain was great too but I loved his scenes with Oh Yeon Soo more, compared to Lee Min Jung. On a side note, he should stick to comedy dramas instead of melodramas.

Everyone else was great too 🙂

I would describe the drama as a heartwarming one. Despite its humor, it touches on a few topics which really hits the right spot. Like for example, neglecting your family for your job but not with the intention too.

Its only after we face death that we realized it’s the small things that matters and some of the things we thought were important, were not that important after all. The world will continue rotating, and everyone will continue living, even after you’re gone.

The only thing we get to leave behind is a memory for those who would remember us, but what happens if we never created any beautiful moments with them?

It serves as a reminder to all of us – that to look up and stop worrying about everything. To live life at this very moment and not wait for the next time which might not happen.


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