REVIEW: Goodbye Mr Black

I was really excited for this because I absolutely love Moon Chae Won but my hopes were dashed when it finally aired.

I thought the plot/pace would eventually get better, but it never did and I get more frustrated as I kept on watching so I dropped it midway.

It’s such a waste though, given the casting which I thought was pretty solid. I actually preferred Kim Kang Woo over Lee Jin Wook and initially wanted him to be Black but no matter what roles he plays, he always nails it.


First of all – I understand what the plot is supposed to be like. I really do. However, the execution of the drama was poor.

The drama feels so messy and it never nailed that intense, suspense moments. I’m pretty sure there were a lot of moments that they wanted to have that effect, but sadly the drama never achieved that effect.

I never understand why Black fell for Swan all of a sudden. I understand he is supposed to fall for her – but as a viewer, I do not feel that connection and just because they showed us that Black fell for Swan, am I supposed to believe it?

It feels weird.

And why would he get a fake name if he was going to reveal his identity when he comes back? And all those company takeover and contracts are really sucking the soul out of me.

It might not be as bad as I describe though. My mother is actually hooked on it, but I can’t say the same for myself. I’m pretty sure there are people out there who are enjoying it.

For me personally, it was a real disappointment.

But putting aside all of this, Kim Kang Woo is doing great as the villain 🙂 Moon Chae Won’s great but sadly I don’t really like her character in the story at times. I still love the actress loads anyway!

Song Jae Rim is so wasted on this.

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