vlcsnap-2016-05-09-22h02m15s728It’s sad to say goodbye but TvN’s Memory has ended 😦

It seems that not many people actually watch the drama which is kind of surprising because it was a really great series and I loved every episode. Perhaps because the overall tone of the drama is a little moody, I guess it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea.

For me personally, there’s totally nothing for me to hate. I found every single episode enjoyable and as I watched the series, it leaves me a bittersweet feeling.

I will write up a short summary on the drama and my own reviews on it. It will contain spoilers.


Basically for those who are not aware of what the drama is about, it is about a famous lawyer, Park Tae Seok who discovers he has Alzheimer’s.

The series started off showing us that he was a workaholic and spend little time with his family. As a lawyer, he will do his best for his clients, irregardless of whether it is morally right or wrong. Unfortunately, the doctor he threaten, committed suicide and he was a little shaken by the sudden outcome.

Even though that situation didn’t became anything serious, he soon learns that he has the same illness, Alzheimer’s.

We soon watch his journey of accepting his own illness. It was tough at the beginning. He was frustrated and angry. When he loses his way, he lost all hope.

However, as the closest people around him starts to notice, they gave him the moral support he very much needed and he soon learns of what is important.

The drama is not just about that – there are also small little sub plots along the way. Amazingly, they fit in well and doesn’t feel overpowering at any one point of time. There are cases and situations, but they do not have a “stronger presence” compared to the story plot of Tae Seok’s redeeming himself. It’s hard to put this across in words.

Basically the drama was well executed and very focused.

One of the plot which stands out – is that Tae Seok had a child who died in a hit and run with his first wife. He has felt guilty since then as he was supposed to pick him up and never did as he was working. The child left on his own and was left to die after being hit by a car.

Throughout the series, we see flashbacks and hallucinations of Tae Seok with his dead child and it touches me each time.

vlcsnap-2016-05-09-22h02m48s180Lee Sung Min did an amazing job in portraying Park Tae Seok. The conflicts he had with himself, accepting his illness and his helplessness when facing with the illness. It all hurts so bad.


All the characters in the drama are amazing. I especially loved his wife, Young Joo. It pains her but yet she remains strong, because she has to.

The drama is about family and oneself. About thinking what is really important to us and making sure we do things we won’t regret in future.

It was such an amazing journey watching it. Very much worth every single second.



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