vlcsnap-2016-05-14-08h42m06s585Are we in luck?

I was sad that Memory has ended but yay another awesome drama to catch up on 🙂 I heard good comments about Another Ms Oh Hae Young, so I decided to give it a try myself, and yes I’m sticking with this!

I wasn’t really ready to watch Eric on screen again after Discovery of Romance. Not that I hated him in that drama – just that I really didn’t like that drama. But now I can push that aside because it doesn’t matter anymore.

Another Ms Oh is GOOD!


I love the whole idea of the drama. Two individuals with the same name – and how this affects everyone.

So basically we have two Oh Hae Young. Our female lead is the “JUST Oh Hae Young” and the 2nd female lead is the “Pretty Oh Hae Young”. It’s going to be confusing writing discussions for this. Hah. I’m calling female lead with a (J) at the front and the other with a (P).

Anyway, so they attended the same school – and we see that (J) Oh Hae Young had a hard time because of (P) Oh Hae Young. People were always calling out for the Pretty one and one of her classmates always teased her. How awful!

But firstly, we open up to see Han Tae Jin calling off the wedding with (J) Hae Young. However, she manages to tell him to let others know it was her who made that decision.

Her close friend knows Do Kyung and while out on a meeting, she mentions that she is there to meet her friend, (J) Hae Young. Do Kyung is uncomfortable hearing the name and rushes off – only to bump into (J) Hae Young.

He recalls the past when (J) Hae Young’s friend told him about her getting married to a hotshot successful man, Tae Jin and also the time when his friend Jin Sang showed him the guy who (J) Hae Young is getting married to.

However, he doesn’t know that there were two Hae Young. All these while, he thought that (J) Hae Young and (P) Hae Young were the same person.

He had dated (P) Hae Young and she didn’t appear on the wedding day. Wanting revenge, he asked his mom’s boyfriend to pull out his investment for Tae Jin’s business, causing him to lose everything. Tae Jin lied to (J) Hae Young that he no longer can stand seeing her eat, but in reality, he lost everything and will end up going to jail.

Do Kyung finally realizes that he has misunderstood the situation and had destroyed a completely different woman’s life and also her fiancee.

However, even when he tries to keep a distance from (J) Hae Young, they just keep on meeting by coincidence and soon develop something like a friendship.

Now at Episode 4, the (P) Hae Young is back.


That was one BIG MISTAKE to make.

First of all, I like that Do Kyung could see the short-term future. He’s still confused by all these visions (so am i), but when did this start? There was a moment where he mentioned that while getting these visions and seeing (J) Hae Young, he didn’t feel any guilt or anything – just loneliness and a feeling like his life will end up in a tragedy.

That kind of alarmed me. Is the drama going for a sad ending?!

But at the end of Episode 4, he did mention that no matter how he tries to cut (J) Hae Young from his life, it seems that it won’t happen and in turn, it feels like she is telling him to be happy together.

Whatever it is – I ship this couple and I want them to be happy.

But, that mistake is a huge one and I wonder what will happen once Tae Jin is out from jail, or when (J) Hae Young finds out what Do Kyung had done.

Will Tae Jin still love (J) Hae Young and try to win her back while getting revenge on Do Kyung? Or will he blame (J) Hae Young for him losing everything and ending up in jail?

I guess it could go both ways.

And now that (P) Hae Young is back, I hope that (J) Hae Young doesn’t act like she did back in school. She has a great character but she always keep quiet when she’s around the other Hae Young.

vlcsnap-2016-05-14-08h40m19s765Its about time she realized her own strengths and not bother about what others say, and stay true to herself.

This is not a battle of who’s better – it’s about (J) Hae Young being confident about herself. She loves herself, we know it and she knows it too. She did mention that she didn’t want to be like the other Hae Young.

She just needs a little push.

I’m so excited for future episodes and things going to get even more interesting now that we have two Hae Young and one Do Kyung. Now…when will Tae Jin be out?


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