May 18: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

It’s been a while, right? Well, I’ve cut down on the number of dramas I’m watching so the list is pretty small.

1 – Another Oh Hae Young
2 – Jackpot
3 – Vampire Detective
4 – Mirror of the Witch
5 – Dear My Friends

Two new entries this week! I’ll write up a discussion post for Mirror of the Witch and Dear My Friends after the 4th episode. I liked the first two episodes for both, but will need to watch a little bit more.

Another Oh Hae Young is my current addiction right now and the wait for the new episodes are always so torturous. I’ve also been enjoying Vampire Detective but seriously one episode a week is so painful 😦

I’ve been contemplating whether to start on Entertainer and God of Noodles. I’ve read good reviews on the latter and not so much on Entertainer but I can’t make up my mind if it will be worth the watch. Hmmm.

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2 thoughts on “May 18: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

  1. I’m watching Entertainer and I really like it. There are some great relationships and a lot of character development already. It’s one of the few shows I actively look forward to right now.

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