POV DISCUSSION: Dear My Friends Ep 1 – 6

vlcsnap-2016-06-01-23h05m30s132I was initially reluctant to start on Dear My Friends – because first of all, the casts are mostly older ladies and I assumed the drama wouldn’t be worth watching.

I was dead wrong.

I watched the first episode out of curiosity and now I’m here after watching Episode 6 and this has got to be one of the nicest, meaningful drama I’ve watched in recent years.

Dramas are evolving so much. With the recent drama Memory which just ended and now Dear My Friends, I’m honestly surprised by all these new dramas which seriously tug at the heartstrings.

For those who have no idea what the drama is about – it’s basically about a bunch of friends who rely on each other and how they live their daily lives.

Nothing fancy but it touches on a lot of areas which reflects reality. Sometimes simplicity is the best.


I love all of the characters – all of them are unique and all the casts are great ❤

I cried a lot watching the drama because there are certain scenes where we could totally relate and wonder if we’ll be in the same situation.

As this is a drama about elders, even the topics among them are interesting. How they casually talk about death during gatherings, or how they react to situations can mean so much more.

It’s interesting as it open up our eyes to see the lives through an elder’s perspective.

Just like how Wan gets irritated most of the time with the elderly, but as time passes by she understands them better. We’re all just like Wan at times.

I’m really invested in all of the characters. They’re all special individuals and I never really felt this much love towards characters.

All of them are really the best ❤ We really have to applaud the casts for selecting such a great drama and portraying such heartfelt characters.

The drama flow is great so far. It slowly shifts the focus from one to another seamlessly. I also like how Wan narrates after a certain scene and it tells us more story – rather than the drama showing it in terms of actual scenes.

Like for example in Episode 6, Wan narrates about Suk Kyoon. He never apologized to his daughter and never told her what he had done – but instead of the drama showing us in terms of actual scenes, they had Wan narrate that Suk Kyoon told her, he never learned how to apologize – and also Wan mentioned that she told his daughter, after he had passed on.

So instead of showing us him dying and Wan telling the daughter, it was told in a form of a narration – which somehow makes the drama feels much more special in a way. It feels like less drama – but more story to tell. That all is not as it may seem.

At times, watching the drama feels like I’m reading a book. A really meaningful book.

There was also Wan narrating about the elders – why they act the way they do. We sometimes judge them too fast – but in reality, they have their reasons and they have a story to tell.

vlcsnap-2016-06-01-23h06m46s081When she narrated that Choong Nam dislikes old people, we find out that she dislikes spending time with them because she fears of them dying before her. Because that was what has been happening to her. After holding so many funerals, we can’t blame her for being the way she is.

Sometimes it just makes me reflect on myself and how I treat elders. They might seem weird at times, annoying, frustrating – but actually they have a lot of story to tell.

The latest episode got me crying my eyes out – because Jung Ah’s mom died. She knew it would be the last time she spend time with her mom, and it just hurts so bad. Especially more so, when far in the distance, Wan and her mom, Nan Hee were playing at the beach, unaware of what happened.

There will come a day where Wan and Nan Hee would be in the same situation – to part for life – just like how all of us will die one day, and how our loved ones will too.

Anyway putting this topic aside, I’m actually curious as to why Wan didn’t stood by Yeon Ha’s side after the accident. Was it because he could no longer walk and she doesn’t want to look after him? Was it because she felt guilty? Was it because her mom doesn’t want her to marry a handicap?

Whatever the reason is – we know that Wan is still deeply in love with him and had tried her best to forget him, but can’t. Here’s to wishing she find happiness for herself ❤


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