POV DISCUSSION: Doctors Ep 3 & 4

vlcsnap-2016-06-29-14h56m22s505I was initially wondering if I should keep watching this and decided to give it another shot by watching the 3rd and 4th episode.

I still have issues with the story but it’s not that bad after all. I would say the 3rd & 4th episodes are much better compared to the first two – and I did enjoyed certain scenes.

I guess I’ll be sticking around because despite certain things which doesn’t sit well with me, there are quite a number of good things about it which I wouldn’t want to miss.


I liked the 4th episode best so far! I don’t really like watching dramas with childhood/teenage scenes because 9 out of 10 times, it will be overly dramatic. I’ve watched a fair share of dramatic dramas and I grew tired of them so usually I would skip these dramas, or the scenes.

So technically, this isn’t an issue with the drama – but just my own personal issue. So that’s part of the reason why I didn’t really enjoy the initial episodes.

Anyway glad that we’re finally at the hospital!

I know that eventually we will have the typical hospital politics where Seo Woo’s dad and grandfather would try to take over the hospital management. *yawns* Not looking forward to that but hopefully, it doesn’t become the main story.

I wish the drama focuses more on the main characters and their feelings for each other, because that’s the best part about the drama.

I loved this scene ❤

Honestly, I wished that they develop feelings after Hye Jung turned into an adult, rather that developing them when she was still a minor.

While years ago, maybe a romance story about teacher-student seems interesting and great, maybe because I’ve aged – I don’t find that very comfortable anymore.

I just find it weird that a teacher would have that kind of feelings for their student and vice versa. There’s a time for everything and I think falling in love while being a minor is not really…

Maybe it would have been better if Hye Jung was a college student and he’s the teacher. But to picture a high school student and a teacher just gives off some weird feeling.

But anyway, they are no longer teacher and student so that’s all good!

It’s so funny how the first thing Ji Hong asked Hye Jung was if she was married or dating anyone. Is he hitting on her?! ❤ ❤ ❤

I don’t mind and he can hit on her all day long and I’ll just watch them. Kim Rae Won is just THAT charming.

And if that doesn’t work – I love this pair too!

I love Yoon Do’s interactions with Hye Jung! It’s like two stubborn and strong headed individuals came together.

I actually hope that Yoon Do chooses Hye Jung to be his assistant just so that I could watch them bicker all day long before becoming close.

Putting them aside, I still can’t like Seo Woo.

I don’t like it that she’s so petty and childish. When she was a student and posted those things, I understand that it might be because she was still young and didn’t know better.

But how is it after growing up, she’s still the same petty girl who hates on Hye Jung just because she is smarter and because guys like her?

She even went as far as to bad mouth her that she’s here with a hidden agenda. Move on girl? It’s been 13 years?!

I hope that she’s only acting this way because of the way she was brought up or something. Maybe her parents pressure her too much and she doesn’t like her family or something.

I want Seo Woo to redeem herself honestly because I think Hye Jung, Seo Woo and Soon Hee are cute together as friends.

Hopefully, she will grow as a character.

Last but not least, apparently grandma might have died due to medical malpractice. I think there’s a high chance of it since it’s a drama and drama has to have some drama. (sorry, i’m being extremely lame right now) 

I’m not excited for all the drama coming but I am excited for all the characters interactions!

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