SERIES REVIEW: Beautiful Mind

vlcsnap-2016-08-05-09h06m28s467It’s been such a long time, right?!  I’ve been busy >.<

Anyway, back with the series review for Beautiful Mind! I actually loved Beautiful Mind a lot and there were times I really wanted to post discussions on it but I just didn’t manage to write them up.

The last thing I posted on Beautiful Mind was the first impression post. Beautiful Mind was cut by 2 episodes though I really didn’t understand why they had to do that. It’s just two episodes 😥 But still nonetheless, the drama managed to tie the loose ends and end on a good note.


Initially I thought that it would be sort of a medical mystery drama and I was convinced until midway through the drama.

Honestly, I think the drama started off strong. Jang Hyuk’s character was interesting and we had the whole murder in hospital conspiracy which left us wondering who is the one going around killing the people.

However, few episodes later, it turned out that it had something to do with a research or clinical test or whatever they call it. It lost me a little there – and more so, when the culprit got away.

After that, the drama somehow felt like it’s taking a different approach and is focusing on Jang Hyuk’s character growth instead. Okay – I don’t think it’s a sudden approach or anything like that, I’m pretty sure the drama is supposed to revolve around his character and his personality.

However, I did feel a little disappointed by the sudden shift from murder mystery to Jang Hyuk’s character. Somehow the shift didn’t felt as smooth as it was supposed to be. It felt as though the initial murders or deaths plots were either too long or too short, depending on how you view it.

I would have loved it if the murder mystery was part of the whole drama and kept us on our toes, but I would have loved it just as much if the focus was on Jang Hyuk’s personality from the start.

I’m not sure how to put this across in words, but it’s just a feeling I feel when watching the drama. The murder mystery feels slightly incomplete, or rather underdeveloped. It leaves sort of a lingering feeling.

But putting these aside, I do love the drama.

Jang Hyuk’s acting was amazing throughout, and I loved the story. The casts were all great and it was really heartwarming to see Jang Hyuk slowly changing to how a person is supposed to be.

Personally, I think the drama plot didn’t exactly stood out but Jang Hyuk’s character definitely stood out. It’s worth watching just for Jang Hyuk alone!

Of course, the other casts are good too 🙂

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