FIRST IMPRESSION: Drinking Solo Ep 1 & 2


I was excited when I heard that they will be doing something similar to “Let’s Eat” but shifting it to drinks instead. I actually adored Let’s Eat and even though I don’t drink, I think having a drama about characters enjoying drinking is refreshing for a change!

I loved the first two episodes. Most of the characters have been introduced and I love the different and quirky characters! There’s a good sense of humor and the drama seems promising as a whole.

Nope – we don’t have ‘commercial moments’ of characters downing drinks like how Let’s Eat did with all the food. Instead the moment is shown usually at the end of the day, when the characters are resting and having their own “me” time. Sweet.


I love the characters. I think the first two episodes did a great job in introducing the characters.

Look at him being so pleased with himself. Jin Jung Suk, a top private instructor enjoys drinking alone and has his own set of rules. He treasures that time alone and takes his rules seriously.

Quirky character no.1, Jin Yi who helped Ha Na get a job at the institute.

At first she was all friendly with Ha Na until her poster got taken off and replaced with Ha Na’s instead. Hah. I like her already.

And quirky character no.2, Jin Woong, who is just hilarious with his attempts in impersonating celebrities.

I couldn’t hold my laughter when he copied Joong Ki’s line “Should I apologize or should I confess?” and when he started singing “You are my everything”. It’s funny because the line suits the moment so damn much! It was when they just found out Jin Jung Suk’s real name was Jin Sang and he wanted to use his real name.

I love the combination of Jin Yi and Jin Woong ❤

But of course, it’s not all about quirky characters.

We also have students! Dong Young who has been trying to pass the civil service exam and was dumped by his long-time girlfriend. I hope that he remains strong and passes the exam this time round!

Ki Bum doesn’t take the civil service exam seriously, or least he doesn’t appear to care about it much. He goes around buying trendy tracksuits and playing games. I am totally addicted with his “ti-do-di~ ti-do-di-do-di~~”.

And lastly Gong Myung, who doesn’t want to take the civil service exam but is constantly nagged by his mom to take it. Seems that he will enroll in the institute and most likely I think the reason will be Ha Na.

Having great and solid characters is totally a great thing for any drama – and I love how Drinking Solo has a bunch of great and interesting characters already. Now what’s left is just the story and character development.

I’m curious as to how Ha Na will teach her class and if her student numbers will grow. I’m excited to see the instructors getting along with each other and I’m just looking forward for more ❤vlcsnap-2016-09-09-09h00m01s525

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