POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 4 & 5

vlcsnap-2016-09-09-08h49m01s822Are we finally getting somewhere?

And I’m back with another discussion on the latest two episodes of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I find that we’re finally getting somewhere though I still feel that it could have done much more to the story.

We’re 5 episodes in and looking back, there isn’t much story development so far. I still find the pace a little bit too slow for my liking and I wished we have gotten here much sooner. Not forgetting that this is a 21-episode sageuk so I think wishing the plot to move along at a quicker pace is not entirely unreasonable.

I find myself bored at certain scenes where some of the characters just exchanges dialogues which doesn’t add much story or impact to the plot.


vlcsnap-2016-09-09-08h49m41s866The best moment so far is 8th prince and his wife walking down the snow. Did 8th prince loved his wife? Hmm…. I guess he did, to a certain extent. Or at least he’s kind and loyal. I feel kind of bad that Lady Hae died thinking 8th never really loved her.

It’s sad that she had to die so soon but I guess it’s necessary for the story to move forward.

Will Hae Soo and 8th prince get together? Unlikely. Why? K-drama rules. Hah. I don’t expect them to get together, but I am curious to see how their relationship will develop after Lady Hae’s death.

Okay, let’s move on to 4th prince.

I like how 4th prince is slowly warming up to Hae Soo. Maybe because she’s the only one who treats him like a human being with feelings?

As for his family, I really wish the story shows us why they hate him so much. He didn’t do anything wrong when he was young and he was sent away to be adopted. After that apparently, his mother and blood siblings dislike him. Putting aside the mother, I can’t understand why would 14th dislike him. Like what did he ever do wrong to you?

And even his other siblings – why do they loath him so much? Because he kills? But so do they. Because of his face? Seriously? Was Goryeo so superficial back then? If it was, I’ll understand.

I need a solid reasoning on why he’s treated the way he is. I mean it feels super annoying that everyone is bullying him and he’s just being all broken by himself.

As for 13th prince, we get a glimpse of him being angry at Hae Soo. I wonder how he’ll react after Lady Hae’s death, since we know he likes her.

I need more of 13th. He seems the next mature prince besides 3rd, 4th & 8th. I think 10th and 14th are too playful and simple-minded as of now with no actual substance. Perhaps their character will grow in later episodes.

But 13th seemed like the one who lays low and doesn’t stand out, but he looks like he thinks a lot by himself.

I’ll be looking forward to the story development and hopefully the pace starts to pick up.

On a side note, I think both Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul are doing an amazing job at portraying their characters. I especially love Kang Ha Neul. He totally owns the character. His facial expressions are all amazingly beautiful.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – BBJX (Comparison) 

New corner! Yup since this is an adaptation and as much as I try to watch the drama as its own, I will still do some form of comparison with BBJX and will only discuss about the comparisons at this new corner under the discussion post.

The top part of the post is entirely my opinion on the drama on its own.

So let’s see, we have some similar scenes here! The snow scene where Hae Soo and 8th walked together. Though the mood in BBJX and the mood in SHR is different. Somehow that scene in BBJX feels melancholy and the one in SHR feels sweet and heartwarming.

We also have the scene where Hae Soo met the King and used her knowledge of history to get out of a sticky situation. We saw Rouxi from BBJX did a similar thing in a court session.

Lady Hae and Rou Lan from BBJX personality is similar. Always so soft and kind. The only difference is that Rou Lan didn’t liked 8th prince.

Plot wise, it feels like SHR is lacking in the historical content. BBJX was 30? 40? episodes long and it covered a whole lot of history on the battle of the princes as well as the country’s history. SHR is only 21 episodes long and we’ve watched through 5 episodes, but there isn’t much historical content.

As of now, only the characters’ relationship with each other is developing but story wise, nothing much have seemed to change since first episode.

But looking at the preview for Episode 6, it seemed like Hae Soo is finally starting to use her knowledge of history to keep moving forward.

I hope there’s more to SHR besides the love story. I need bromance! And history!

But as of now, I’ll keep on watching 🙂

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