POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 6 & 7

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-13h40m55s635I feel that things are finally starting to move forward but I’m still not sure what kind of drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo wants to be. I’ll discuss about this in a while.

So Hae Soo finally enters the palace, though it was really weird that she was betroth to the King. Well, at least we know the King was only doing it for political reasons and not that he really needed another wife.

I’m still confused by Ji Mong’s existence. I’m not sure what kind of role he’s supposed to be in the drama. Will he just simply be the astronomer? Or is the drama trying to make him a character which knows Hae Soo is from the future – or something along those lines?


Personally, I prefer Ji Mong to be just an astronomer and has no link to the future or Hae Soo. It seems that Ji Mong is wise and hides his true intentions beneath all the jokes and playful responses but he will always give serious advice to Hae Soo which confuses me as to why he does so.

Is it because he can read the future and that Hae Soo plays a part in the battle for the throne or is it because he knows Hae Soo from the future? It’s weird that he would even suggest to the King to make her a court lady instead of a slave. He’s hiding something as though he knows something about Hae Soo – but we don’t know exactly what.

I would of course prefer if Ji Mong is someone who could read the future and knows Hae Soo will play a vital role rather than someone who knows Hae Soo is from the future.

Story wise, I still find the plot lacking and personally I feel that this may be one of the reason why people are not watching. Of course, ratings don’t always determine everything and does not equal to whether a story is good or bad.

But ratings do reflect one thing. What the majority are watching, regardless of the reasons. It could be for the eye candy or the story, or anything else.

I’ve watched a good amount of sageuks and I feel that SHR does not have a strong plot. It focuses only on the characters and the romances, that when I look back to examine the story as a whole, there is hardly any. I don’t think I’ve seen any sageuk which focuses solely on romantic relationships.

Let’s see. Hae Soo gets transported to Goryeo Dynasty and she meets the princes. The 3rd prince and mom plots to kill Crown Prince but failed. 4th Prince gets to move back to the palace.

Putting aside the romance and characters interactions, story wise, there hasn’t been much development. So when I say that the plot is lacking and slow – I meant this. As much as I like the characters interaction and relationship development, those are not enough to pull me in.

Looking at the preview, maybe the story will start to move forward.

Somehow, I find that the shots for 8th prince and Hae Soo always looks beautiful. I can’t say the same for the rest, but for sure the scenes between 8th and Hae Soo stands out the most to me thus far.

I loved how the drama slowly developed their relationship and their feelings towards each other. This way, when they part ways, it will hurt more and leaves a strong impact. It’s good for the story.

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-13h38m17s224And so that’s how 13th and Hae Soo became friends.

They’re special friends – who will seek each other out when they think of Myung Hee. Of course also because they have similar thoughts.

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-13h43m16s983And 4th is already in love with her.

When is Hae Soo going to realize that 4th will be the 4th King of Goryeo? And it seems that he did kill his brothers. I couldn’t find that information online – but since Hae Soo mentioned that the 4th King killed his brothers – it means eventually 4th would kill his brothers.

Anyway, now that we’re nearing the halfway mark let’s talk about the casts. Lee Jun Ki is amazing and nothing less of what I expected from him. He’s good – but in a way it’s not something I just knew. I know he’s a good actor since forever. He acted in a lot of sageuks and personally I feel that this role doesn’t stand out exceptionally. To me at least, it didn’t.

I’m conflicted about IU. She’s not entirely bad but I can’t deny that I don’t feel anything from her portrayal of Hae Soo. It’s hard to put this in words – but I just don’t feel her character.

In this scene – 4th said that “look” in her eyes but I’m sorry but what look was he talking about? She looks like she’s staring into space. I don’t feel anything from it.

Just like that, sometimes I just feel that she fails to make me feel what I’m supposed to feel and I feel indifferent to Hae Soo.

Kang Ha Neul is made for this.

It’s so funny how I was so worried when casting news was released and I thought he wasn’t suitable to play 8th prince (honestly, back then, I thought all the casts were not suitable xD) but he totally blew me away with his portrayal of 8th prince.

I knew Kang Ha Neul was a decent actor but this role really brings out a lot in him. He just amazes me and swept me off my feet ❤

I’m disappointed in Ji Soo’s role as 14th prince though. Ji Soo is a pretty decent for a rookie and I’m sad that he couldn’t do much for his role. We can’t blame an actor when the role is written in a certain way, can we?

I’ll just be happy with Ji Soo in FantastiC instead.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – BBJX (Comparison)

Okay bits and pieces which is similar to BBJX. We had the bangle/bracelet scene!

I remember 8th giving Rouxi a bangle in BBJX which he ended up breaking it when they parted ways.

So are we going to see the same in this as well?

Oh and Hae Soo finally enters the palace. Rouxi knew she had to enter the palace from the start and started her training to be a proper lady from the first episode.

The one training Hae Soo must be the same with the eunuch who trained Rouxi. At first coming across as mean, but in reality, trying to help Rouxi live in the palace. Hae Soo still doesn’t get the danger of living in the palace – and I’m hoping to see that change in the later episodes.

We also had the epic drinking scene between Hae Soo and 13th prince but WHY DRAMA WHY was it only a short flashback 😥

I really loved this moment in BBJX and was a little bit upset that it only became a short flashback in SHR.

Okay back to the first discussion – I’m not sure what kind of drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo wants to be.

BBJX was roughly about a tragic love story set during the princes’ battle for the throne. However even though it was a love story, it focuses greatly on the princes battle, that it felt as though the drama was a tragic story on its own, even if we do not consider the romance portion.

The ambitious princes, the loyalty – all of these are part of the reason why BBJX was much loved. It almost feels like the romance portion was a dessert while the princes’ story was the main dish.

So I’m not sure about SHR. It is going to lean towards a romantic story or a tragic story of the princes with romance included?

It’s still too early to say anything because story wise, it hasn’t moved that much. We’ll know as we keep watching I guess.

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 6 & 7

  1. I like this drama iu sells it for me she can act very well. And the 4th king died of a sickness it’s going to come down to 4th prince and 8th prince fighting. For soo and who gets to rule this is korean dramas not Chinese they may take some of the story from scarlet heart but I think they will have a good story line it’s only episode 7 there are 20 episode so we will see.

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