FINAL REVIEW: W – Two Worlds

vlcsnap-2016-09-17-14h00m18s460I stopped watched W a few weeks back actually, at Episode 10, but managed to catch up and finished the last episode today.

I have mixed feelings about the drama. It started out really good but somehow along the way, it was very hard to keep up with the drama. That was one of the reason why I stopped watching it for a while before getting back to it.

However, it doesn’t mean that the story is bad or anything like that. In fact, I do think that the quality of the drama is great from start to finish. The graphics and execution were all amazing.


First of all, the drama has a great concept. It was fresh and well executed. The graphics were great, and the transition between the real world and webtoon world was seamless.

I loved the different characters – and hands down to Lee Jong Suk and Kim Eui Sung for bringing their characters to life. They acted out their roles so well!

Of course we can’t forget about Lee Si Un who did a fantastic job as Soo Bong and also Heo Jung Do who was the obsessive fan, Doctor Park. Even the characters Yoon So Hee and Seo Do Yoon were great.

The plot started off strong, but I think that there was too much going on midway and I was mentally tired from watching the drama going back and forth. It might have been better if the conflicts and struggles were stretched out a little bit, instead of having so much action going on.

It just felt that there was way too much problems that instead of feeling surprised or excited, I just want it to end faster.

The ending left me a little disappointed. It feels weird that Yeon Joo could be happy after his dad disappeared in his own story, especially when she is dating Kang Chul. Wouldn’t seeing him reminds her of her dad?

And I’m not so concern about Kang Chul because I’m under the impression that he can travel both worlds at the end – so technically, he doesn’t need to survive in the real world.

I’m okay with her dad actually disappearing in the story – but somehow, the ending feels a little empty. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it just feels a little off somehow.

But nonetheless, the drama is still commendable and I would still recommend it to others. It’s hard to digest mentally, but I enjoyed it 🙂 It’s a good drama!

It would have been nice to see flirty Kang Chul more though ❤


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