POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 8 & 9

vlcsnap-2016-09-21-18h11m08s051Yes! This was what I was waiting for! Finally~

Things gets more interesting and exciting as Hae Soo finally realizes that 4th is Gwangjong of Goryeo, who is known to be a cruel ruler. Complicated emotions and relationships; consequences of every little action…

Will she just stand and do nothing, or will she try to change fate? But the real question is whether they can avoid fate…?


Each episode is getting better and how I wished we reached here faster. But still, I’m glad we finally reach the main plot of the drama.

Hae Soo helped Wang So to hide his scar and realizes that Wang So, 4th prince, is to be Gwangjong in future. Her knowledge of Gwangjong is that she heard that he killed his brothers, nieces & long time subjects.

Her realization made her rethink her decisions – if the make-up was the start of it all – or would 4th prince still be made King regardless of whether she did his make-up or not. Her fear of the future makes her uncertain.

It looks like Ji Mong’s character is similar to Hae Soo. Maybe the drama intended to have it this way – perhaps he is also from the future stuck in Goryeo and has been living there for years. I didn’t see any scene where Hae Soo called 4th, Gwangjong in front of Ji Mong – I might have missed it or maybe they just didn’t show it.

I love this new development in the story. It builds up the tension and Hae Soo’s character will no longer live as freely as she did in the earlier episodes. She probably didn’t think too much of everything – until this episode.

Now her character will probably realize how every little action has consequences. However, like Ji Mong’s advice, will she actually stay still and let things run on its own or will she try to change the fate of the princes?

On a side note, I’m excited to see 10th prince growing fond and falling in love with his wife!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – BBJX Comparison

The boat scene! And 10th prince marriage!

Honestly, the announcement of 10th prince marriage didn’t felt as serious as the scene was in BBJX – but I believe they are both serious issues. Only the King can decide on marriages and besides disobeying the King’s orders is always a no-no.

vlcsnap-2016-09-21-18h02m32s583Even the exchange between Hae Soo and 10th in the room is something we saw in BBJX – but the mood is slightly different.

They’re doing okay – but I guess it depends on who is watching. Some people think they’re doing great, but for me personally, I find that they couldn’t bring out the scene that well. Or maybe it’s just because I watched BBJX – so I felt the scene was lackluster.

And there is something different!

In BBJX, 10th prince was the only prince who lived to old age, together with his wife happily.

But from Hae Soo’s vision, it looks like both 10th prince and his wife will be killed by 4th prince. YIKES!

I was also wondering about this at the start of the drama. Since the Korean adaptation is set in Goryeo Dynasty, it means that the historical events are different and so, it means that even the princes’ fates are different.

As to how historically correct are the deaths of the princes – I can’t tell because there isn’t much information on it anywhere >.< Unless there is some historical textbook on Goryeo dynasty somewhere out there.

Oh and she has warned 8th prince about 4th prince! In BBJX, she warned 8th about 4th when he choose the throne over her – but in this, she warned 8th because she was afraid and didn’t want them to die.

However, will that small little warning spark something in 8th prince to plot against 4th, just like in BBJX?

And it’s interesting how the relationship between Hae Soo and 4th started a little differently from BBJX. In BBJX, Rouxi knew 4th will be the Emperor and so she distanced herself from him right from the start before slowly falling in love with him.

But in this, Hae Soo started building a friendship with 4th first before she eventually found out he is the Gwangjong.


vlcsnap-2016-09-21-18h01m17s229As of now, I’m excited to see how Hae Soo will change after knowing the fact that 4th will rise to the throne.

It’s killing me that we have no information on how the other princes’ died. As there is lack of information, there are two possibilities on how the drama would turn out. It’s either history will change, or history will not change.

Even though the drama is taking a creative take on history, personally I think there are certain things they won’t change. If it’s recorded in history like the wife of a prince, or a death of a prince, chances are they won’t change it. The only thing which they could create is the relationships, emotions, etc – these things which are not recorded in actual history. In other historical dramas as well, you will always see the declaration that the story is purely fiction and etc.

However, as there is no information online for us to check the actual recorded history, the drama could actually show a “fake” vision, and then use it as a plot where Hae Soo does something to change that vision. Or – if the drama sticks to the same BBJX method – those visions will eventually happen, even if she try to change or avoid it.

One of the “learning” from BBJX was that you cannot avoid fate. As much as you try to change it or avoid it, what is bound to happen will still happen. That’s why it was sad and tragic.

But of course, since this is an adaptation and they did mention they will use a slightly different ending from the original (the novel and drama ending are different), I am curious as to what kind of ending they will show us.

There is also much conflict on 4th being a cruel ruler. We still haven’t seen the episodes yet – so we don’t know why he kills them. Anyway during those times, killings are inevitable and sometimes they had to be done to protect others. As to whether his killings could be justified, or whether we could relate and understand, let’s wait and see 🙂


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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ep 8 & 9

  1. I’m a quiet reader of your blog. Thank you for your writing as it feeds my fascination with my favourite dramas. Actually, there’s plenty of information about the Goryeo dynasty.

    I can understand English and Chinese, the above is Part 1 of a Chinese subbed Korean documentary about the historical background of the drama.

  2. Hmmm. Just a thought. In ep6, it says that a maiden with a scar cannot marry the King. If/ when the 4th Prince Wang So becomes king, can he marry Hae So due to the scar on her hand? If this rule still stands, then… Both of them are not going to have a happy ending.

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