[REVIEW] Chihayafuru (Film & Anime)

vlcsnap-2016-10-22-08h54m35s595I watched the movie out of curiosity. The casts looks great so I was tempted to give it a try though I didn’t have much idea on what the film was about. And that was one of the best decision I’ve made. It was a great movie and I loved it!

Basically it’s about Chihaya, a high school girl who is crazy about Karuta, a Japanese card game. She wants to start a karuta team in school, so that one day, she could reunite with her childhood friends, Arata and Taichi. Taichi ends up in the same high school as her, and she asks him to join her.

The movie has two parts – part one focuses on Chihaya starting a karuta club in school and recruiting 4 other members before joining a competition. Part 2 of the movie is Chihaya & Taichi’s “quest” to find the reason why Arata stopped playing karuta, and more matches.

Arata was the one who ignited the passion for karuta in Chihaya. Thus both the movie and the anime, Chihaya keeps on striving to be better so that she could one day be a “Queen” and compete with Arata in a karuta match.

Of course, it is not easy as she discover there are plenty more players she will have to defeat before getting anywhere near Arata’s skills.

What’s the best thing about the anime/movie for me, is the karuta matches. I swear it’s so addictive and filled with tension. I could really feel the tense atmosphere and I was absolutely blown away.

vlcsnap-2016-10-17-12h31m31s682So what happened next was that I went to search for the anime and started watching it. IT WAS EVEN BETTER. Obviously, the anime has much more details and the matches are just as intense. There are plenty of matches which makes it so addictive for me. I marathon through both seasons within 3 days and guess what?

I’m reading the manga now. Yup, I’m obsessed about this. The best thing is the karuta matches, but the characters are so awesome ❤ After watching the movie, I didn’t understand why a lot of people liked Taichi. He was average to me. It was until I watched the anime that I realized his character is so ❤ Taichi is GREAT!

Definitely now one of my favorite anime ever!

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