[REVIEW] Evil Minds 1 & 2

Recently I’m having a lot of ‘feels’ for criminal dramas. I’ve recently finished Dr Qin Medical Examiner and I’m currently watching Memory Lost. My latest addition is Evil Minds and I’m currently watching the second second now.

I think it’s a good time to actually write a short review on it.

I wouldn’t say Evil Minds is a must watch. It’s interesting but can also get boring and draggy at times. It seems like the drama aims to show crimes and the psychological state of the criminals as well as Fa Mu, the profiler who aims to find the killer. He works together with Tai Wei, a detective who sort of have a quick temper.

Personally, I do find some of the crimes interesting. However, I get bored occasionally at certain episodes when there is little progress to the story. Part of me actually wishes that there are more individual murders which they crack rather than a string of murders which are related and lasts a few episodes or maybe even the entire season 2 (?) before the criminal is found.

But anyway, I guess it’s still pretty decent since I’m still watching it. Or maybe I’m watching it just for Tai Wei. Hah. ❤

I’m still itching for a good crime or mystery drama, please let me know if you have any good ones to recommend 🙂

note: i’ve watched love me if you dare and when a snail falls in love. 

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