LeeJIN’s Q&A

(1) Why and how did you started this blog?

Ans: I started watching dramas when I was very young, but as I grew older, my desire to talk about what I watched grew, thus I thought of opening a blog to write what I felt. When I first started the blog, the blog wasn’t very well received but after some time, the number of viewers and followers increased, and now it’s doing considerably okay for a personal blog 🙂

(2) Why should I visit this blog?

Ans: You don’t have to. My blog is a personal blog, and you can choose to visit or not. Basically, I try to do discussions or recaps for dramas which are not very popular but I find good, or when no other blogs are writing up about them, so usually the people who visit my blog are those viewers who are interested in such dramas or reviews. 

(3) Why are you not consistent in doing recaps?

Ans: First of all, let me remind you, this is a personal blog – which basically means I am the only one managing and writing all the contents here. If you notice my currently watching list, it is a long list. I do not have time to write up detailed recaps for every episode, and rather than recaps, I enjoy doing discussions more. Recaps take a long time and it takes me about 2 hours (or more depending on the episode’s plot) to finish up one episode. 

(4) “You watched a lot of dramas, where do you find the time to watch all the dramas?”

Ans: I try to watch as much as possible, and if the drama bores the hell out of me, I would stop watching it. I would constantly look around for reviews as well – and if there are a lot of bad reviews, I would not watch that particular drama. Likewise, if there are a lot of good reviews about a certain drama, I would pick it up. As for where I get the time – well, I still have my normal life and I do everything normal people do like eat, sleep, play, work. 

(5) Do you accept requests?

Ans: It depends on what you’re requesting for. If you’re asking me to do a recap – I have to check what drama it is, whether I’ve watched it, and whether the drama gathers enough interest in me to actually recap it. If you’re asking me for subtitle request – I’m sorry, but no. First of all – I’m not proficient in Korean. I can understand it, but I’m still in the process of learning. Secondly, it takes too much time. I need to translate what they’re saying and take note of the timing and I have to do an overall check to make sure it’s good to go. 

(6) Do you have anything good to recommend?

Ans: Dramas are subjective and everyone has their own tastes – you need to tell me what kind of drama you like or prefer, and I would try to find something along with your taste. 

(7) Will you go on a hiatus or stop updating one day?

Ans: I don’t know. I really love dramas and movies – and talking about them. Maybe when the day I find them boring, I’ll stop? That’s impossible though. Hah. I may get busy with work, so update less and all that – but I don’t think I would stop any time in the near future, because I enjoy writing. 

(8) Where do you get the motivation from to run this blog?

Ans: You have to love it. When I first started, I hardly had any views but that didn’t stop me from writing. I opened this blog for me to write up what I wanted to – so not getting many views was okay, and I wasn’t dejected or sad. I just wanted to write. The blog started to pick up during the airing of Bu Bu Jing Xin because the drama was really popular, and from then on, my blog started to do better and now it’s doing good for a personal blog. 

However, like I’ve mentioned, stats don’t matter. I do appreciate comments from lovely souls and they give me an extra boost of motivation 🙂 

If you have any other questions or any requests, please feel free to ask.

9 thoughts on “LeeJIN’s Q&A

  1. Do you have the time to do POV on variety shows? I see you watch 1n2d and as a loyal follower, I would love to see your POV about season 3

    1. I’m not sure about that. Hahaha. I probably won’t be able to do it for every episode because variety are very different from dramas – but I might do a one-off kind of post, like some sort of review or impressions on it once I have some time 🙂

    1. Thanks :)) Healer is a classic, I love it too but sadly I don’t think there is another show similiar to it. It’s hard to live up to healer xD however, if you have a preferred genre, i could recommend you some titles 🙂

  2. I agree with you about Legend of the Blue Sea there wasn’t as much publicity as Scarlet Heart Ryeo so I guess I don’t have as high of expectations for this drama but it didn’t seem to flow right. I thought the chase went on too long and became boring. It was kind of difficult to keep up on the past. I may be the only person in the universe to be so disappointed in Scarlet Heart Ryeo but I loved the first half and couldn’t wait every week for the next episode to come on and then the end was just horrible for me and it ruined everything that was good before that for me and if Legend of Blue doesn’t get better I won’t spend all my time watching it like I did Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

    1. don’t worry, i bet you’re not the only one who hated scarlet heart ending xD and yup the chasing scene in lotbs was way too long. i hope the story picks up though >.<

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