[ARITHMETIC] Seven Hotties All My Husbands

The title sounds tempting enough for me to take a look. Basically, you find yourself bounded by a marriage contract with the guys who are living in the same mansion. The routes you can choose are Ayato, Shizuki, Tsubasa, Celis, Toya + Haruto, Soichiro, Taiga, Keita & Gaia. Not all of them are your contract husbands. Keita is the butler.

I haven’t played this for long and I’ve only finished Tsubasa’s route. I’m currently finishing off Keita’s route.

First of all, I didn’t like Tsubasa’s route that much. Maybe it’s the guy, maybe it’s the story… Keita’s route is better, but still I feel that as a whole, the story for this game lacks depth unlike other otome games I’ve played.

Not to mention, the translations and mistakes are too obvious and happen way too often for me to look past it. It could get annoying at times.

You need plenty of gold to get through the game so COLLECT AS MANY GOLD AS POSSIBLE and don’t waste them on anything except for the missions. Same rule applies like all other otome games, don’t use all your free scenario tickets so fast because you’ll find yourself stuck on missions and if you don’t plan on waiting, you will probably end up spending real money.

I can’t decide if I want to keep playing as the stories don’t really pull me in but I might still stay around and try other routes because Celis is hot af and I want to try out Ayato and Taiga’s routes too.

Game needs more CG to make me a little more motivated. LOL.