[Voltage] Samurai Love Ballad Party

This is my personal favorite otome game ❤

There are a few things about it which makes it my favorite. First of all, I love how easy and smooth the app is. Most of the other apps I tried tend to load a little too slowly – or have plenty of ads.

I love the controls of this app and it’s a breeze to use it. Personally, I think out of all the free to play otome games out there, this has got to be the easiest to play around with.

As for the gameplay, it is set during the Japanese Sengoku period. You were sent to a castle as a poison taster – so basically, you have to choose a lord to serve.

There are a total of 12 routes and I’m proud to say that I’ve finished all of them. Heh. Each route has 2 endings, Divine Ending and Noble Ending. Divine Ending is your perspective while Noble Ending will be from his perspective.

The routes are all different – because each character is unique in their own way. The stories are also interesting! I love the fact at how it involves history – I found it interesting and actually did research on the Sengoku period myself.

Like all other free to play games, you are given 5 tickets a day to read and YES it always feels too short but be patient. Don’t give in and buy tickets. It’s useless because there are missions and checkpoints throughout the route.

You will need skillpoints and you get those by doing cooking missions. If you buy tickets, there will come a time where you do not have enough skillpoints and then you will waste a few days to collect the skillpoints – which also means you are wasting your free daily 5 tickets to read.

So be patient and don’t spend money on it.

I personally like all of the routes – but I was disappointed with Takeda Shingen’s route. It was released recently and I had waited for quite a while for it but was sad at how the story wasn’t very engaging.

Anyway, putting the normal stories aside, there are also events occasionally and some of the event stories are pretty good too 🙂

Oh the best part is that you would only need 50 chemistry to get the Divine Ending. Most other games need high affection and it’s super hard to choose between 3 options each time, but in this game, there are only 2 options per question and even if you get a few wrong, it’s pretty easy to score the 50 chemistry points.

I didn’t use any walkthroughs for this game.