The Ups & Down of Golden Cross

Okay, I’ve calmed down regarding Golden Cross ending, so I decide to write up one more post about what I liked about the drama, and what I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad drama, overall, a few misses with me, but it wasn’t bad. The ending kind of flipped me, but….that’s subjective, and quite a number of people liked it though.

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like first.

At first, I didn’t like the fact that the leads started off as friends, or rather senior-hoobae relationship. It was kind of disappointing, because I wanted to actually see them actually meeting and falling in love. I didn’t like the first episode, because it had too many things going on and found it boring and messy. I didn’t like Seo Dong Ha initially because his character seemed so whiny and childish at times.

I didn’t like the last few episodes, because it stopped making sense with me. The reporter turned his back on them, and turned into an ass, Do Yoon suddenly becomes rich after being shot and going overseas, and he got shot again, but didn’t die – Sa Ra died. Michael Jang was knocked out quite easily.

And of course, how Seo Dong Ha eventually walked away a free man.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Last Review

I’ve finished watching Golden Cross, and everybody put your hands together for the drama which has a crappier ending compared to God’s Gift 14 Days.

What is happening to the dramas, seriously?! I can’t even describe the amount of disappointment from all these ridiculous and stupid endings. I’m so pissed, I hate this drama for messing it up for me. If you guys are not watching this, DON’T WATCH IT. It might be good along the way, but I swear the ending is crap. Okay, maybe to me, at least.

I don’t know what happened to the story halfway. He was shot and buried alive, came back with a new identity to get revenge, got shot again – but somehow managed to put everyone behind bars. But after the credits, we see Dong Ha being released from prison and making a phone call. YEAH. THE END. WOW DRAMA, WOW.


I don’t know. The drama just stopped making sense for the last 4 episodes, and URGH I’M SO IRRITATED.

SUCH A TOTAL WASTE. It was pretty alright, but I don’t know what happen, seriously.

If the writer is trying to prove a point that it’s not easy to put the powerful behind bars, then I don’t even know why I stayed 20 episodes for a murderer to walk away free, when the male lead ‘died’ so many times over. It’s practically saying, the powerful can get away with anything, even murder. Thanks drama, for sending a strong message.


POV DISCUSSION: Big Man Last Review

I’ve finally finished watching Big Man~! Hoorays for actually completing a drama! Hahahaha. I haven’t completed any dramas yet since God’s Gift 14 Days – and Big Man is the first which I wrapped up. I’ll probably wrap up Golden Cross soon, and catch up with the rest.

I loved the last two episodes, and it tugged my heartstrings. It’s so funny how I was pretty much indifferent throughout the whole run, but dang the finale was a little bit touching and sweet. I think that all the actors in the drama did really well in their own roles, and I loved each character. It’s sad that we couldn’t see the good side of Dong Suk, because we only get a glimpse of him before he turned into a totally obsessive guy.

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POV DISCUSSION: High School King Of Savvy Episode 1 & 2


Okay, time to talk about High School King Of Savvy. I LOVE THIS. It might be a little too early to say, but TvN hardly disappoint me, and I kind of like what they always offer, so I’m hoping this would be the same.

The characters are so wacky, it’s an instant win for me. First of all – it’s funny. Second, the characters are funny. Third – it’s sweet. Fourth – JUST WATCH IT ALREADY.

Personally, I’m quite indifferent to all the actors in the drama. I know them, and I’ve watched their previous dramas, but I’m not an avid fan. Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. It’s just I don’t fangirl over them, so I wasn’t even expecting much from the drama. It sounded interesting, that’s why I decided to pick it up.

But BOY OH BOY, It’s so enjoyable.

I’m going to write up a discussion with screencaps, not exactly a recap though. You can visit Dramabeans for recaps 🙂

It’s a bit long though, because there’s a lot of pictures. Hah.

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My Stand on Baekhyun Dating

I don’t think any of you would be interested, but I needed a place to vent, so that’s why I’m posting this here. It was confirmed yesterday that Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating.

My first reaction was to laugh, because I know what a huge fanboy Baekhyun was, and it’s just so funny to find out he’s actually dating his bias. I thought everything was alright, but I realized not everyone is taking it positively 😦

They’re starting to dig his past, posting nasty comments, accusing him of dropping love hints on instagram, or the whole thing being a conspiracy.

I’m just so sad that people are so shallow.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: High School King of Savvy Episode 1 & 2


I FOUND IT! A drama that ends my drama slump 🙂

I’ve watched the first two episodes of High School King of Savvy, and I’m screaming AWESOME. It’s so hilarious, and fun – and I’m just so excited for the upcoming episodes. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I’m so glad the first two episodes were so enjoyable 🙂

Just a brief intro – it’s about Lee Min Seok, a high school student, who agrees to ‘act’ as his brother, when his brother goes missing. The first two episodes showed us how all the four main leads are connected to each other, and it’s just……fun, really. We have a random toilet love confession, drunk habits, and GOSH Lee Min Seok is already fascinated by Jung Soo Young.

It’s just the first two episodes, but I’m so in love with all the characters, and IT’S JUST SO FUN. AHAHAHAHAHA. GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!

I wanted to do a write up actually, but it’s like almost 2am right now, and I’ve got work tomorrow. I might do it once I’m free, or I might do it for future episodes.


And drama…please don’t disappoint.

Drama Slump :(

I don’t know about others, but I’ve having a drama-watching slump right now, which roughly means that most of the dramas doesn’t excite me anymore, which also means that I have no mood to write anything about them.

The problem doesn’t solely lies with the dramas, but rather me, as a viewer. I started watching dramas, a long way back, since I was not even 12 yet. I’m pretty sure, all of you too. My drama-watching pattern increased as I grow older and for the past 8 years or more, I’ve watched from Taiwan idol dramas, to China Wuxia/Historical dramas, Japanese dramas, and of course Korean dramas.

As you watch a lot of dramas, you would realize that your expectations would keep on growing, and those dramas you once loved when you first started will seem mediocre if you think about it now. So, a normal average drama is not even enjoyable anymore. I miss those times when I first started, because those were the times I just watched without nitpicking about characters arc, or plot, or pace, or everything else. Continue reading “Drama Slump :(“


I’m back with a short review on Big Man, and how it has been so far. No screencaps, or recaps – just a discussion.

I wouldn’t say Big Man is bad, because it’s not, compared to most of the other dramas airing right now. Honestly, a lot of the dramas airing right now kind of disappoint, and that’s why compared to them, Big Man is considerably okay.

I just hope we quickly pass this phase of dramas, and new dramas are around the corner, so let’s wait for those and hopefully, they bring back my enthusiasm.

Story wise, I would say Big Man is nothing special to shout about.  There’s really…nothing special. What makes the drama works for me, is actually the characters, or rather the actors themselves.

I think all the actors are all doing pretty well in their own roles – and as weird as Kang Dong Suk’s character is, it matches pretty well with Kim Ji Hyuk’s. One is obsessive and crazy, while the other is loyal and trusting. So Mi Ra’s character is nothing special, and I prefer Kang Jin Ah as a character.

It’s hard to explain how I feel about the drama. It’s like…nothing interesting or special, but it’s watchable. Or you could say that because there’s nothing much to watch right now, thus I’m just watching it.

There are good moments though, and I would have to say the actors are all doing well 🙂

Goodbye to Dr. Stranger

Just a short update, I’m going to be dropping Dr. Stranger. I’ll just follow the drama by reading recaps instead of watching the drama, because honestly, there is only so much craziness in a drama that I can take and clearly Dr Stranger has too much which I can’t handle.

It has a pretty solid fanbase, and it’s really just a matter of how each individual likes it. I just can’t find myself liking it. It’s sad though, because I really like the medical portion of the drama and enjoy scenes at the hospital. I love the characters Soo Hyun, Jae Joon & Hoon’s okay too – it’s really just the whole north-south mystery and political thing which I can’t stand.

Anyway, I hope the rest of you enjoy the drama 🙂