Birdie Buddy

Title: Birdie Buddy
No. of Episodes: 24

Birdie Buddy is a drama centered around 3 main people, two golf players (Min Hae Ryung & Sung Mi Soo) and a coach (John Lee/ Jung Woo). John Lee and Min Hae Ryung are lovers who finally returned to Korea after a long time overseas. She’s an uprising golf player, while he is an ex-golf player. Sung Mi Soo comes from a poor family but has a great desire to learn golf. She continues pursuing golf, through much difficulties and got entangled with John Lee and Min Hae Ryung.

Min Hae Ryung has a bad relationship with her mother and is constantly making her mother angry. John Lee sees potential in Mi Soo and sent her for training up the mountains with his ex-teacher, Fabian. When John Lee and Mi Soo becomes close, Min Hae Ryung is jealous and upset. After many obstacles, all of them finally are able to let go of things and smile 🙂


This drama is really a very nice one to watch. The drama balances the golf and the characters very well. It’s something that I wish ‘Invincible Lee Pyung Kang’ would have been, but it didn’t.

I loved the fact that John Lee never wavered like almost every other male lead. He loved Min Hae Ryung from beginning to the end. He knows that Mi Soo likes him, but he loves MHR and is always so considerate to think of Mi Soo’s feelings.

It’s great that they even portrayed the mother-daughter relationship of Min Hae Ryung with her mother.

Overall, it was really a very nice and comfortable ride. I love the ending as well. It was a perfect ending. Despite Mi Soo not gaining John Lee’s love, she’s able to move on and hopefully one day, the three of them can comfortably hang out with each other.

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