I Need Romance

Title: I Need Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: TvN


Basically, INR is a story about 3 good friends who have totally different opinions about love and relationships. We have a one who doesn’t mind changing guys all the time, one who is a virgin and was ditched on her wedding day, one who has stayed with one guy for 10 years and still gets cheated on.

The drama is very light-hearted and moves at a reasonable pace. If you’ve watched “Still, Marry Me”, this drama can be considered similar, but with a lighter tone, minus all those serious relationships. It’s fun, interesting and not meant for MINORS, like I’ve mentioned.

Anyone (BESIDES MINORS) can watch this. I personally liked it a lot because it didn’t have all those makjang plots, hidden relationships, all those complicating stuff in normal k-dramas.

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