Once Upon A Time in SaengChoRi

Title: Once Upon A Time in Saeng Cho Ri
No. of Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: TvN
Broadcast Period: Nov 2010 – Mar 2011

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this drama. It’s a cable drama which aired late last year and completed airing early this year.

It was a very low-key drama which aired every Fridays.

This drama is one of my favorite dramas for being WEIRD, WACKY and seriously ADDICTING.

Basically, the drama revolves around a group of brokerage employees from the lowest sales branch and a mysterious murder. Jo Min Sung (Ha Suk Jin) is a highly intelligent man, who works for Park Kyu (the Boss of the brokerage firm). Park Kyu visits the worst branch office and is angered when the employees there were playing a fool. (HAHA! They were playing ball made of paper and doing all sorts of funny stuff!) He orders Min Sung to get rid of all of them. To make the employees leave on their own, they moved the branch to a quite village with an office which was not constructed properly.

However, Min Sung was accidently struck by lighting, causing him to lose his abilities in mathematics. He decides to keep his condition a secret and tells Park Kyu to sent him to Saeng Cho Ri to observe the employees who were sent there. He becomes the new branch boss of the Saeng Cho Ri. There he struggles to hide his inability to count, and the employees struggle to stay in his good boots.

All sorts of weird things started happening, including murder and the employees are all brought into the mess.


This drama is really funny. VERY FUNNY. It’s RIDICULOUS, NONSENSE, but STRANGELY ADDICTIVE. It combines all sort of genre in one and I can’t find a perfect word to describe it. I really enjoyed every single episode of this drama, no matter how stupid it may seem. There’s lots of jokes in the drama, adorable insanely cute romance, and a mysterious vibe.

Anyway, I highly recommend this for those who are looking for something fun and different. It’s definitely  worth the ride watching.



A bunch of employees playing stupid games! A female employee landing a punch on her boss face when she gets drunk…and the Big Boss who wants everything done in 5 SECONDS!

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