Queen of Reversals

Title: Queen of Reversals
No. of Episodes: 31
Broadcast Network: MBC

This drama probably had all of the viewers have the 2nd male lead syndrome. This drama was one big roller coaster ride which started off slow but had lots of awesome turns.

Basically, it was about a career woman, Hwang Tae Hee, who is at the top of the career but decided to get married. Her marriage made her superior demote her and made her junior take over her position. She quits her job thinking that she’ll be able to find another job quickly as she have the abilities. However, the job search was unsuccessful because her superior have prevented other companies from hiring her. She becomes a housewife for 6 years. She enters a contest, hoping to get back to work.

Goo Yong Shik, the illegitimate son of the Big Boss is called back by his father to learn to run the company. He’s unwilling and tries to do as little work as possible to leave the company. However, Tae Hee who’s under him tries her best to make the team work hard and show results. This resulted in many conflicts.

This drama never planned to make Park Shi Hoo the lead. It was supposed to be a drama about marriage and overcoming the obstacles. Thus, all of us naturally knew that Tae Hee would be with her husband. However, as the drama extended and the romance plot grew, almost everyone got major 2nd male lead syndrome and hoped that by any slim chance Shi Hoo would get the girl.

It was tense and we all worried if he would get the girl or not. With the extra episodes extensions, his drama character was written out more and deepen and he eventually got the girl which made all the viewers scream in delight.

I wouldn’t say that this drama is drop dead awesome. It’s pretty slow at the start, but still watchable. It hang around for about 10 episodes and after that is when the fun starts. What I really liked about the drama was Park Shi Hoo. He’s awesome in the drama, not to mention, his SUPER FUNNY ASSISTANT, who’s just as cute.

I would recommend anyone with time and patience to watch this. You definitely need patience to watch this.




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