6 thoughts on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo

  1. Accdg to the book wang so will be the villain in the story. I hope the director will change his mind about his role and make another version out of it.

    • it’s true that he’s written as a cruel ruler, but i doubt it would change. Maybe he has no choice but to kill them…? If he doesn’t, maybe others would kill him or his loved ones?

  2. I have a question. In ep 6, it says that if a maiden has a scar on her body she cannot marry the king. So, if the 4th prince Wang So becomes king, how is our dear Hae Soo going to marry him? If the drama follows this line, then the ending is not going to end with them being together.

  3. I just finished watching episode 15. I think the story has taken a turn and become more intense. It will be interesting to see how it twists and turns until the very end. Every week I can’t wait until the next week to see what happens. I like this drama and I’m going to be disappointed when it ends. I’ll miss seeing all of the characters every week.

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